Lavender Spa Day
Lavender Spa Day

Lavender Spa Day

Pamper her with the soothing scent of lavender.  This lovely gift is the perfect thoughty way to thank a weekend hostess, a special bridesmaid, or any dear friend.

This gift includes:

  • Lavender Lemongrass Soap from The Little Flower Soap, Co. All natural soap handmade in Michigan using an heirloom cold process soap recipe. Fully wrapped in gorgeous handmade paper that is 100% recycled from scraps of fabric salvaged from the floor of the garment district in India.  6-ounce bar.
  • Lavande Lavender Bath Salts. These salts pull the toxins out of your skin leaving it silky smooth and you relaxed.
  • Formulary 55 Sea Salt and Lavender Shea Butter Hand CreamGorgeous, lightweight and rich, crafted in small batches in Colorado.  4-ounce tub.
  • Sea Mineral Bath Tablet.  Formulary 55's sea mineral scent is a mix of eight different essential oils that combine to evoke the sea. When placed in a tub full of water, the tablet fizzes and distributes the fragrance and skin soothing oils throughout the water. Crafted in small batches in Colorado. 4-ounce cube.
  • Stray and Wander Cove Towel. 100% Hand-loomed Organic Turkish Cotton Towel in Lilac.  Traditionally used for Hammam (Turkish baths), they are now widely used in spas, on the beach and in the home. Turkish cotton comes from a medium fiber cotton plant which provides the perfect balance between absorbency and quick drying. The more you wash your towel the softer it becomes. Approximately 3 x 6 feet.
  • Jute tote bag with round cane handles tied with a satin ribbon.
  • Handwritten note card.  Please include your message at checkout.

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