Custom Swag Kits

Custom swag kits are a great tool to make a statement and increase your brand awareness. A well thought-out swag box is a fun way to celebrate company milestones, welcome new employees, reward your team for a job well done, spark company spirit and make a lasting impression at events.


We’ll work with you to choose items and packaging to make certain your swag is effective and meaningful and is something they’ll want to keep and use. When done right, swag gifts can increase your brand awareness, strengthen client relationships, and lead to more business and referrals. For client onboarding gifts and other gifts you may wish to send out over a period of time, we'll store your gifts and ship throughout the year as needed, and send tracking information as each gift is sent so that you know it's on its way to making someone’s day.

Lead Time: 4-6 weeks, Minimum 50+ Gifts