The Best Gift Wrap Resources

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Best Places to Buy Gift Wrap

I LOVE wrapping paper!

True story: when my husband and I went to Italy on our honeymoon, I took an enormous suitcase.  The fact that it held lots of cute clothes was a plus, but the real reason for the ridiculously large baggage was to have plenty of space to bring home large sheets of Florentine wrapping paper.


Wrapping up gifts in gorgeous paper and arranging them under the tree is the best.  Over the years I’ve found some great resources for festive paper, so if you want to up your wrapping game, here are 5 great places to buy gift wrap.


House of Harris

One day I hope to have a room with gorgeous House of Harris waHouse of Harris Gift Wrapll paper, but in the meantime I'm content knowing I can have a tree surrounded by gifts wrapped in their beautiful paper! It’s a Thoughty favorite, and we love to use it in our gifts because of its superior quality and it's stunning designs. Email for more information and/or pricing.



  Paper Source

Premium gift wrap Thoughty GiftsA gift wrap aficionado’s dream store. Paper Source has so Luxury gift wrap thoughty giftsmany great designs and quality paper.  If you live near a store, it offers fun gift-wrapping classes! And don’t tell my husband, but at Paper Source you can find some of the very same Florentine paper I had him lug back from Italy. More details here.



 Snow and Graham

This Chicago-based boutique stationary brand has gorgeous and Quality Christmas gift wrapwhimsical letterpress designs.  Sold by the sheet, so you can pick out a variety, but I can't get enough of these nutcrackers!. Visit shop here.


You can always pick up a good roll of gift wrap at Target.  The current collection from Sugar Paper is especially nice!



There are so many great options on Etsy.  Two favorites are:

Elvira van Vredenburgh Designs is out of England, but she ships to the US for free if you order $35 or more. Her background in textile design is evident in her gorgeous, colorful papers. 


The Detroit Card Company is a great shop for fun, whimsical, graphic designs. Visit shop.



Happy wrapping everyone!

We'd love to hear from you about your favorite gift wrap resources! Let us know in the comments.  Thanks!


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