GUIDE TO CORPORATE HOLIDAY GIFTS: Expert Tips for Your Year-End Gifts

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This Guide to Corporate Holiday Gifting is our best advice on how to up your holiday gifting game to get the most out of your year-end client gifts. The December holidays are our favorite time of the year and holiday gifting is what we do best. We are here to make it easy for you to plan ahead and rock your year-end gifting. Read on for great tips on how to give festive gifts that will dazzle your clients and employees.


It’s never too early to start planning for your holiday gifts. Gifts convey gratitude to your clients, and gifting is also part of an effective marketing strategy that leads to good will and referrals.

By starting early, you can:

  • avoid product shortages. Our product vendors are largely small business artisans whose production calendars fill up in early fall. Planning early gives you much more flexibility on product availability. 
  • Holiday Take Note Gift Box
    secure a professional gifting company. If you want to outsource your holiday gifting (and we recommend it!) you should get in touch right away. As you can imagine, this is the Super Bowl for gifting companies and they will reach booking capacity. Don’t miss out on securing an expert to take on the responsibilities of bulk gifting and everything that comes with it: design, sourcing, acquiring the inventory and packaging materials, assembling the gifts, finishing touches such as ribbon tying, recipient list management, shipping, and package tracking, whew! All so you can relax, focus on your own Q4, and enjoy the season knowing your clients and employees will receive gorgeous, thoughtful gifts from you.
  • avoid shipping nightmares. Ship your gifts early and avoid shipping delays, lost packages, and chaos that happens during peak holiday shipping times. If your gifting company provides local delivery, you have more flexibility if you get on their calendar early.
Christmas Cookie Gift Box

This is a big one! 

Choosing the right time to send your gift can help it stand out and have the greatest impact. The 3 best times to send gifts are: Right before Thanksgiving: Beat the holiday rush and send a gift when they’re not expecting it. It’s the perfect time for an "I’m Thankful for You" gift filled with cozy fall products. Your gesture of thanks will feel especially genuine this time of year!


Hot Toddy Gift BoxThe first week in December: Early December is the prime time to send corporate holiday gifts. Your clients are returning back to work from Thanksgiving to offices decorated for the holidays. The festive spirit is contagious, and your gift will be received with excitement! Plus, it won’t get lost in the shuffle of all the other gifts arriving later in the month. An earlier ship date also ensures the best chance that your gifts will get to recipients before they leave for vacation.
Toast New Year Gift Box
Early January: One of our favorite times to send business gifts, and we highly suggest you think about choosing to send gifts in January. AND, if you can’t get holiday gifts together to send at Thanksgiving or by early-December, definitely wait until January. Brighten your client’s day with a gift that lets them know you are ready to crush the New Year. Celebration gifts, health and wellness gifts and office essentials gifts are all popular, impactful gifts for the new year. 

You want to give something that your clients will like and use. It's even better if the gift feels intentional and designed with the recipient in mind.

Corporate Holiday Catalog

Gift companies often create Holiday Catalogs with curated gift options, so why not let the experts do the hard work for you? Our catalog has gifts designed to appeal to many people and feature our most popular products for business gifting. We can incorporate your branding or color palette into a gift from the catalog or work with a you on a completely custom gift. 

jolly Holiday Gift BoxFood items are always popular, but please skip the generic baskets overflowing with sweets and choose a gift of items that work well together. Coffee with sweet treats, a cozy blanket with mugs and hot chocolate. or a holiday cookie making gift set.

Whatever you choose to give, your thoughtful selection will stand out and be remembered long after an impersonal gift card has been spent or even lost!


While we firmly believe that holiday gifts shouldn’t be an in-your-face marketing kit of branded swag, we do believe there is room for subtle branding. End of the year gifts are thank you gifts for your clients and employees, so the perfect way to infuse your brand is with a branded sticker sealing the tissue inside the box, a beautiful bow in your brand colors, branded gift tags or a personal note to each client on your branded note cards.

There is nothing more exciting than receiving a beautiful package, and beautiful bows and pretty wrapping make a big impression!

Click for more information on our Corporate and Client Holiday Gift Services. We'd love to help!

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