You're already thoughty at heart.  I just want to help you show it.  

Even as a little girl, my favorite part of Christmas was wrapping presents and my second favorite was opening some myself (carefully peeling off the tape and never ripping, of course).  I loved to hear my mother express her delight when opening my carefully wrapped package by telling me how "thoughty" I was.  That meant I'd chosen well, and it made me feel special.

It figures I would marry a guy who's all thumbs with ribbon and, thoughty as he is, bless his heart, has the gifting instincts of a squirrel.  Sometimes, he needs a lot of my help.

Maybe you're like him.  Maybe you're so busy shuttling your kids around town that finding the perfect gift for a bridal shower, hostess, or special friend can't break the top five on your to-do list.  Maybe you own a busy business that depends on client loyalty.  Or maybe you just like what you see on this site and wish someone would give that to you.  Those are sure signs you're in the right place.   

Thoughty creates lovely, thoughtful gifts that delight the recipient and credit our clients with consideration, taste and style.